Yodsaenklai Fairtex, Defends His Title in Jamaica

Saturday, May 24, 2008

200 Million Viewers world-wide recently tuned in to witness the #1 Muay Thai fighter Yodsaenklai Fairtex take the title on The Contender Asia, Muay Thai’s first reality-based television series on AXN Asia.

Facing off against the legendary John Wayne Parr from Australia, who is also on the Jamaica Fight Card, Yodsaenklai had the crowd in the arena and at home whipped to a frenzy as he dominated the match using his renowned roundhouse kicks, precise timing, and accurate boxing. This explosive and exciting fighter will now defend his WBC Muay Thai Super Welterweight Title in one night of fist fighting fury and action as one of 9-Title bouts, on Friday June 20th at Jamaica’s Trelawny Stadium. RISARC, Dennis Warner, and InSync Productions will play host to this highly anticipated Weigh-In Conference and Muay Thai Champion of Champions Fight and Expo during this year’s stellar 4th Annual CCGI Celebrity Golf Tournament and Muay Thai World Championship Fight Night.

Muay Thai Boxing, The Art of the Eight Limbs is the Thai name for a form of hard martial arts practiced in several Southeast Asian countries, and is the national sport of Thailand. Since the 1990s, Muay Thai has quickly become a global phenom and has been featured in numerous films and television programs. Featuring graceful and aesthetic rituals, the sport also utilizes punching, kicking, clinching and elbow techniques that are not allowed in western boxing matches. It is not uncommon to see a knock-out during a Muay Thai fight.

Yodsaenklai Fairtex is the current World Muay Thai Super Welterweight Champion and the winner of the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium title in Thailand. He will be one of 18 professional Muay Thai fighters, representing 9 countries including USA, Thailand, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, Holland, and China, through a grueling full rules battle to win a title. According to the buzz already generated, the fight card is possibly “the greatest fight card in 15 years outside of Thailand”. The fight will be streamed live via online pay per view on www.istreamyoustream.com.

The 9-Title bout Muay Thai Champion of Champions Fight Night on Friday June 20th at Jamaica’s Trelawny Stadium, includes some of the top ranking contenders: WBC Muay Thai World Super Welterweight Title: Yodsanklai Fairtex-Champion (Thailand) vs Malaipet Team Diamond (USA-Thailand); WBC Muay Thai World Middleweight Title: Lamsongkram Chuwattana-Champion (Thailand) vs. Farid Villaume (France); WBC Muay Thai World Super Cruiserweight Title: Aswin Balark-#1 ranked (Holland) vs. Steve McKinnon #7 ranked (Australia); IKKC Muay Thai World Cruiserweight Title: Clifton Brown-Champion (Canada) vs Kaoklai Kannorasingh (Thailand); IKKC Muay Thai Women’s World Lightweight Title: Germaine de Randamie-Champion (Holland) vs. Julie Kitchen (England); IKKC Muay Thai World Light Heavyweight Title: Manu N’toh-Champion (USA) vs .Vicente Vielvoye (Holland); IMTC World Super Welterweight Title: Baxter Humby-Champion (USA-Canada) vs. Jiangtao Dong (China); IKF Muay Thai World Middleweight Title:John Wayne Parr (Australia) vs. Marco Pique (Holland) and IKF Muay Thai World Super Heavyweight Title: Rick Cheek (USA) vs. Patrice Quarttron (France).