Contender Champion Yodsaenklai defends WMC World Title in Singapore

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jurong East Sports & Recreation Center will explode on Wednesday 17th of September with muaythai big wigs such as Yodsaeklai, Madsua, Naruepol, Soren and Zig Zach, all fighting on the super star encrusted fight card. The main fight is Contender and WMC World Champion Yodsaenklai versus WMC-S1 Kings Cup 2007 champions Madsua for the WMC World Title. This will be an all out war as the best 2 Thais battle it out in a 6 by 6 meter ring. If that is not enough, the fight that everyone wanted to see in the Contender house will become a reality at this event with Soren Mongkontong going face to face with Naruepol for the WMC Intercontinental Title. The pride of Singapore Zig Zach will take on the Japanese champion Takeshi. The winner of this fight will be eligible to fight for the WMC Asian Title.

To set the house on fire, there will be 2 female world-class fights with Tiana Tiger Caverley the WMC Intercontinental champion taking on Nam Kang from Thailand, and Natalie Zoukatas the 2006 Swedish Champion taking on Lisa from the United Kingdom for the WMC European Title. The undercard will feature fights Singapore versus Singapore to determine who will fight in the next international WMC event. Please check out or call 6382 2235 for ticket inquiries. Fights will start at 18.00 sharp with the international program kicking off at 20.00. If you have not had the chance to see Yodsaenklai, Soren or Naruepol fighting live, then this is something you definitely DO NOT want to miss! Other entertainment on the night will include the Miss Round Girl competition, lucky draws and VIPs will be given a special VIP goody bag and the chance to mingle with the fighters at the after fight party! Be there!

Yodsanklai in Fairtex 'Fantastic Five"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hot Muaythai Property. Over the decades Fairtex has produced some of the greatest Muaythai champions.

Today the top Fairtex fighters are the hottest property in Muaythai and renowned as the elite champions for the new generation of 21 st century Muaythai superstars.

Meet the Fairtex 'Fantastic Five" at the two training camps at Bangpleeyai (near to Bangkok) and at Fairtex Sport Club & Resort in popular Pattaya Beach.

  • "Sugar" Kaew Fairtex (126 pounds) is Thailand's current Feather Weight champion. Known for his sensational elbow strikes and KO punches. He's fighting heart's as strong as his good looks. A superb ring master who always attracts a huge gallery of fans whenever he fights.
  • "Computer Wizard" Yodsaenkrai Fairtex (147 pounds) is so perfect in his fighting technique that the Thai sports newspapers call him the "Computer Wizard". Heading for a world title in the welterweight division. One of the great fighters in the modern era of Muaythai.
  • "Mr Magic" Naruepol Fairtex (140 pounds) is a consistently outstanding contender with superb kicks. Tall and slender he's difficult to fight. He's also regarded as a master technician of the ring.
  • The champion fighter Atachai who has been voted as Thailand's fighter of the year is regarded as one of the most talented fighters at both Rajadamnern and Lumpinee stadiums. He's a fighter that is the epitome of pure class in the ring - a magnificent tactician with stoic heart and great determination.
  • Teelak is a special fighter that gets better with every year in the fighting ring and is at his peak. A ring master of all the weapons and packs an arsenal that makes him a winner.

Yodsanklai Fairtex past fights with Favre

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The fight took place in May, a couple of months after he beat the shit out of Rafik Bakkouri. Watching this fight I can’t help but think this is a new form of tourism? You get dudes who pay big money to go on canned hunts so they can bag some big game, maybe this is the latest craze… get your ass beat by a Muay Thai champion.

Seriously though how heavy is this guy? I heard Rafik paid something like 100,000 baht or about ($3,300) for the privilege of taking one of Yodsanklais knee in his gut. I’m sure this guy had to plunk down a little more. (charge by the lbs) If any of you feel like loosing some loot, just pop down to Pattaya, throw down a side bet of 100K+ and you too can get your ass handed to you!

I don’t know much about Favre… I don’t know what his deal is but I’m not sure what he got out of it? I know there are a lot of people out there who are looking to collect Thai scalps… yeah I was in Thailand…trained and beat a Thai.

Yodsaeklai, Lamsongkram, Both Defend Titles

Monday, June 23, 2008

Thai superstar Lamsongkram Chuwatana won every round against French champion Farid Villaume to easily defend his WBC MUAYTHAI Middleweight crown in Montengo Bay Jamaica last night (20 June)

Lamsongkram broke Farid's right rib cage in the second round with punishing knees. He then extended his advantage to run out easy winner on points.

On the same card WBC defending super welterweight champions Yodsaenklai Fairtex proved far too strong for Malaipet Team Diamond.

After three lightening and entertaining rounds that had thousands of Jamaican's cheering, Yodsaenklai work like a precision fighting machine totally eclipse Malaipet who was unable to continue at the beginning of the fourth round after sustaining a serious cut under the eye caused by elbow strikes.

The third WBC MUAYTHAI World Title was won by Super Cruiserweight Australian Steve McKinnon, who showed great courage to triumph over Dutch toughman "bad boy" Ashwin Balrak.

McKinnon started strong and never let up to win the vacant title by a comfortable margin.

Yodsaenklai: The Pride Of Muay Thai

Monday, June 16, 2008

The pride of Muay Thai Yodsaenklai Fairtex has made a huge contribution to promoting Muay Thai worldwide after becoming the first winner of Contender Asia.

Yodsaenklai Fairtex became the first champion of the Contender Asia - the world's first Muay Thai reality show - last week. The victory is a huge boost for both the Thai traiditonal martial art and the fighter himself. The show, which was filmed in Singapore for two months, has helped promote Muay Thai worldwide and made Yodsaenklai famous on the international stage.

"Foreigners know me better now," said the 158-pound Yodsaenklai who took the winner's cheque of 5 million baht. The 22-year-old boxer adds the Contender Asia trophy to his collection of titles which include three Lumpini championship belts in 105, 147 and 154 pounds and WBC Muay Thai 154 pound belt. "Joining the Contender Asia was a great experience for me. I can now speak English a bit after staying there for two months," said the fighter who normally speaks Northeastern dialect as he is a native of Nong Bua Lam Phu's Nonsang district.

It was his older brother Yodkangwan, a former Muay Thai fighter, who inspired him to take. Because of his big physique compared to Thai standards, he stands 171cm and weighs 72kg - it is difficult for Yodsaenklai to find a Thai opponent.

"I have not fought a Thai opponent for about one year," he said. "There are few Thais at my weight."But he has turned this obstacle into opportunity. He has fought abroad and also tried K-1. "Taking on foreigners is not that tough, but can be difficult. up the sport. Because their family was so poor, Yodsaenklai had no choice but follow in the footstep of his brother to make a living.

"I took up Muay Thai when I was eight because of my brother and poverty," he said. Yodsaenklai has fought for four camps - Saknipaporn, Sith-Khru-Od, Petchyindee and now Fairtex. His technique is second to none with his powerful hands and elbows his most dangerous weapons. "I can fight them but sometimes the referee does not understand Muay Thai rules,"he said. He says K-1 is difficult for him because the knee and elbow are not allowed. However, the sport is much more lucrative than Muay Thai. He also earns more when he takes on a foreigner in Muay Thai.

The Pattaya-based boxer receives around 85,000 baht per fight against a Thai opponent but gets in the region of US$10,000 (about 320,000 baht) against a foreigner.

With the Contender Asia title under his belt, he believes his handlers can ask for higher fees. His promoter Banjong Busarakamwong agrees. He says his boxer could get up to US$15,000 from his next fight against a Russian opponent in a World Muay Thai Boxing Council (WMC) championship in Sweden.

A fee is split 50-50 between Yodsaenklai and the Fairtex camp (50% goes to Yodsaenklai, 20% to his camp, 20% to his promoter and 10% to his trainer), and the boxer himself is satisfied with the share. "It is not a problem for me because I stay at the camp for free," he said. After all, each fight fee is huge compared to a mere 20 baht he received from his first fight at a temple fair in Ban Na Dee in his hometown.

Yodsaenklai has fought 213 fights with a record of 163-44-6 (45KOs). He plans to box for another seven years. By that time, he will be 29 which may be too old for the sport.

Understandably, he feels grateful to Muay Thai which has given him and his family a better life. He has given most of his prize money to his mother who has lived in Bangkok since she divorced his father many years ago. With the Contender Asia crown, his life will certainly become better.

Yodsaenklai on WBC Muaythai Titles in Jamica

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Three WBC MUAYTHAI World Titles head a super card spectacular scheduled for Kingston, Jamaica on 20 June

The event is one of the biggest professional Muaythai events ever staged outside of Thailand and features the top WBC defending champions Yodsaenkklai Fairtex and Lamsongkram Chuwattna.

Fresh was winning the Asian Contenders TV series against WBC Australian rival John Wayne Parr, Yodsaenglai will take on USA-based Thailand superstar Malaipet Team Diamond.

While the undefeated and undisputed WBC champion Yodsaengklai is heavily favored to retain his super welterweight crown, Malaipet has been training hard for his one shot at the prestigious title.

Yodsaenklai is also booked to fight Dutchman Marco Pique in he huge Holland V Thailand WBC MUAYTHAI World Championships to be staged in Holland on 30 November. The SLAMM WBC promotion includes several world titles with the match-ups featuring the best Thais and Dutch Muaythai fighters. But this month the eyes of all Muaythai fans are focused on he big Jamaica event that has fight fans in the Caribbean buzzing.

Promoter Dennis Warner said the build-up in Jamaica had been sensational. ?There?s a lot expectation with the big names like Lamsongkram and Yodsaenklai certain to draw a big crowd?

Middleweight champ Lamsongkram will have to be at is best against French superstar Farid Villaume, who is known for his lightening KO punches. Lamsongkram is famous for his strong grappling and is the master of the elbow weapon.

The Super Cruiserweight WBC World Championship also holds a lot of interest with top ranked Dutchman Ashwin Balrak matched against Australian Steve McKinnon for the vacant title.

McKinnon has taken the WBC limelight from fellow countryman Natham Corbett who has been unable to defend his WBC cruiserweight belt.

Yodseanklai: Contender Asia Talks The "Diamond" Challenge

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yodseanklai Fairtex is officially the nicest guy and friendliest champion in Muay Thai. He can easily replace Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state any day. In a sport usually highlighted by boil over rivalries you couldn’t find a friendlier approach talking about your opponent. Rumour has it the Thai diplomatic service has earmarked him for life after Muay Thai.

However don’t let the boyish good looks and soft spoken words fool you- Yod is looking to save something special for his “Diamond” assignment. It’s been a while since this international super star of Muay Thai has fought a fellow countryman.

In his own admission, Malaipet who he considers a “very good” friend will receive special treatment when the WBC super welterweight world title goes up for grabs. The Jamaican extravaganza packed with world title fights, will feature the Yod V Malaipet fight as the headline act. Underlining this will be John Wayne Parr and Marco Pique!

It’s like when Metallica opened for Guns N’ Roses at Joe Robbie stadium back in 1992. It won’t get any better than this!

Malaipet in his interview about Yod and his preparation spoke of respect for each other ability and being the humble Thai he is, Yod is of same thinking. Best of mates, he promises something “special” on the night. After all this is a “Diamond” assignment- not any old fight.

He will be taking wing to Sweden next Saturday for a WMC world title fight and then fly to Jamaica to face Malaipet. As usual he took a few minutes off whilst on a heavy pad session to speak to ROGUE insider.

Without further talk let's get right into the walk....

Q. You have Malaipet for the title coming up; who has promised a “memorable” fight- do you think you can KO him?
A. If I have the opportunity it will happen. Yeah we will see, if it happens it happens. I like that- he has promised a memorable fight, I can say the same.

Q. Are there any weaknesses you see in Malaipet you can exploit- if so what are they?
A. To be honest hardly any, Malaipet is a good fighter I like his kicks. He’s a great fighter- so not many weaknesses

Q. In the past, after Andy Souwer you said you didn’t have any particular game plan- is it the same or anything different for this fight? Have you got a “special” game plan?
A. Same, I just train hard and plan to win. If I do what have trained for and execute the plan—don’t want to give too much away but I am very confident of winning.

Q. Some people argue that you depend too much on your left kick and hard punches, anything different this time? Will we see Yod throw any elbows?
A. I will be fighting a Thai not foreign fighter so I am sure you will see something different. It will be exciting, watch the fight and you will see what will happen!

Q. Will you fight anymore Thai "top-guns" anytime soon, more action at home?
A. There could be more fights with Thai fighters in the future but see how i go first, yeah i think i have more fights to come soon.

Q. How as the whole experience of “Contender- Asia”? Did you enjoy it and tell us about the victory against John Wayne Parr?
A. I had good time and good experience. The victory was amazing for me, it was a dream come true to me. John is a good fighter and good friend. The whole show was great and I will remember it forever. I loved every minute of it!

Q. Does that mean you have edge over Malaipet and better prepared for the fight than him?
A. Malaipet is a great fighter I will find out in Jamaica I guess…

Q. How has your training gone so far, also you fight in Sweden soon- will that help in your build up for Jamaica?
A. I am always training hard and fighting every month. I am looking forward to Jamaica it has been a long time since I fought a Thai fighter, so I am very happy to have this fight in Jamaica.

Q. Lot of people and fans speak of Jamie Ong- you are good friends with her, do you think she will make a good ring card girl? What outfit will she look best in?
A. Ah yes.. He He Yes, she is a beautiful girl and would look good in anything. Very beautiful girl and like i said before to you we are very good friends also...

Q. Do you think she will be good in the ring under full Thai rules- maybe against….?
A. I don’t know- we might have to find out I guess, why don’t you set up a fight, I can be referee! He He He

Q. What are your prediction and any message for Malaipet- who will be reading this for sure…?
A. He is a good friend and I wish him the best. This fight will be one to remember, please everybody- watch this fight we want to have a great fight and may the best man win!

Q. Thank you very much for your time and any final thoughts?
A. To all the fans, please watch the fight and thanks for supporting me, please read : I love it, try and have a look when I am not training at Fairtex. If you can get some nice pics of Jaimee on the website..He He He...Thank You!